The head of department and also chairman of the department board have been Irene Söderhäll since 1 July 2011. Deputy head is Mikael Thollesson.

The department has two study directors for undergraduate education, Petra Korall with special responsibility for pedagogic development and Martin Ryberg with special responsibility for teaching planning, as well as one study director for third cycle education, Johan Ledin.

The department's administration has the following organization:

The departments's activities are organized into six research programs and two SciLife facilities. Each program is headed by a program professor.

For the day-to-day management there is a working group consisting of the head of department, deputy head of department and administrative manager.

The members of the department Board are elected for three years and the meetings of the Board are recorded in the minutes and can be found on the employee portal.


  • Chairman: Irene Söderhäll (personal alternate Mikael Thollesson)
  • Teachers / Researchers: Per Ahlberg, Annelie Carlsbecker, Petra Korall, Åsa Mackenzie. Deputies: Martin Ryberg, Cecilia Berg, Tatjana Haitina, Björn Brunström.
  • Technical-administrative staff: Daniel Snitting, Deputy Marie Englund
  • Doctoral Representatives: Laura Waldmann, Martin Qvarnström, Bianca Vlcek. Deputies: Gwenna Breton, Markus Hiltunen, Julia Ferm
  • Adjunct to the Board: A Representative of the Study Directors: Johan Ledin and a representative of the Security Officer: Nahid Heidari.

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The working environment committee consists of representatives from every personell category,  and the  safety officers. The working environment committee supports the chairman in matter related to the working environment and handles issues related to the working environment, updates and distributes information, writes procedures for systematic working environment work, makes suggestions for action plans, guidelines and policies and follows up on decisions and actions. Members of the Work Environment Committee 2018 are: Frauke Augustin, Fabien Burki, Hanna Edlund, Marie Englund, Nahid Heidari, Tiffany Klingström, Daniel Snitting and Irene Söderhäll.

Group for equal opportunities

The departments Ecology and genetics (IEG) and Organismal biology (IOB) have a common group for equal opportunities. The members in 2018 are:

Namn Department
Veera Tuovinen, chair Ecology and genetics
Ling Shen Organismal biology
Annette Berger Ecology and genetics
Raquel Pereira  Organismal biology
Sebastian Sobek Ecology and genetics