Department of Organismal Biology

The origins of our muscles

Without advanced musculature the first four-legged animals would not have been able to move onto land. How the interaction between muscles and bones once evolved remains a mystery, one that palaeontologist Sophie Sanchez is determined to solve.

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Are you aiming for a PhD?

As a graduate student, you get training in a scientific approach to the world around you, and you will learn and practice how to think critically and analytically. Moreover, you will independently and together with colleagues solve scientific problems and also you receive training in research ethics as well as pedagogy. If you are interested to start graduate studies, contact the research program  that you are interested in. You can also contact the director of postgraduate studies, if you want to know more about how to become a PhD student, and about which topics and research tasks that may exist.

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Popular science presentations


We have put together a couple of short presentations in a popular science format that will give the non-scientist some insight into organismal biology. Our intention is to inspire interest into the biology subject and to provide a brief introduction to our research. 

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