Department of Organismal Biology

Genome Engineering Zebrafish National Facility

Genome engineering zebrafish national facility provides a top-quality tailor-made service for our users, combining cutting-edge techniques with expert guidance and support.

ZFNordic Meeting 2017

The Nordic Countries Meeting 

on zebrafish as a model for development and disease

Uppsala, Sweden          14&15, September, 2017

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About the facility

The facility, financed by both SciLifeLab and the University’s faculty of Science and Technology, provides a top-quality tailor-made service for our users, combining cutting-edge techniques with expert guidance and support that allow even users with no previous experience of the zebrafish system to achieve optimal results. 

Zebrafish embryos are transparent and develop outside the mother’s body, which greatly facilitates manipulation and imaging of biological processes. The facility allows researchers to take advantage of these unique features, and provides initial advice on feasibility and experimental design as well as running support over the course of the project. Users can order services such as expression analysis and the establishment and evaluation of disease models/transgenic lines, thus the facility functions to considerably lower the initial resistance to move from testable biological hypotheses to experiments.

Services and Methods

The genome engineering zebrafish national facility offers a wide range of services where researchers both with and without previous experience of the zebrafish model system are enabled to address problems with the tools the zebrafish model system can offer.

Among these are standardized housing and husbandry of zebrafish, automated in situ hybridization, KASP SNP genotyping, techniques for forward and reverse genetic experiments, imaging of zebrafish larvae etc. We now also offer a high-throughput targeted mutation service using CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

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  • Fish facility. Including tank systems, fish lines, workstations, incubators and injectors
  • Large scale robotic expression analysis Intavis InsituPro Vsi.
  • Microscopy. Variety of microscopy equipment (including fluorescent, confocal and electron microscopy). Lightsheet microscopy (Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1) in collaboration with BioVis

Follow the link for a more comprehensive list of equipment.