Danio Readout service facility

Leading technologies for genetic disease modelling and substance exposure integrated with phenotypic evaluation in the zebrafish embryo.

Our vision

Zebrafish animal model has been rapidly developing and is now recognized as a complementary system to rodents for studying bases of human diseases. The possibility of performing automated high-throughput screens at low-cost is unique for this model organism. DanioReadout offers a versatile pipeline with a palette of advanced tools for embryo manipulation and phenotype characterisation.

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What we do

DanioReadout technology

Genetic models development based on the CRISPR/Cas9 technology

  • Modeling a human genetic disorder
  • Gene and gene regulatory elements function investigation
  • Candidate genes verification

Zebrafish embryo compound exposure

  • Toxicological screens
  • Preclinical drug validation
  • Automated cardiac readout and phenotype assessment

Cancer modelling service

  • Cancer growth and metastasis quantification
  • Cell culture based and patient-derived samples xenotransplantation
  • Service can be combined with potential therapeutics testing

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