Economy and purchases

Here you will find information about purchases and other information related to economy.

The Uppsala Universitets VAT-number is SE202100293201

Invoice references and orders
If you need to order anything, please contact the person responsible for purchasing in your research programme. If you place the order yourself, you must also provide the correct invoice reference and your own name to make sure the invoice arrives at the right place. 

Note that Uppsala University had binding framework agreements with different suppliers. Uppsala University also has a database for puchases from suppliers with agreements: The product web, Uppsala University framework agreements.

Ordering chemicals
You can find a routine for ordering chemicals here. 

Goods and services that aren't purchased using a framework agreement must be documented according to the routine for procurement. Contact the person responsible for purchases in your research programme or Karin Lundberg. You can find more information here.

Invoice address
Invoices from suppliers (Swedish/foreign should be forwarded to the invoice address.

Applying for research funding
Uppsala University offers support for applications for EU-funding. Contact the research support division. 

Applications for research funding must be approved by the programme directors before they are submitted. We manage funding applications at IOB in this way: 

  • Use this form to make a budget
  • Submit the budget together with a draft for an application to the IOB administration who then signs and collects approvals and a signature from the programme director and Head of the Department. 

You can submit your application after the approval. If you need a letter of support from the department, the programme director will help with that. 

Applications made in Prisma (VR, Formas) are signed electronically by the Head of the Department after the application period has ended. 

A copy of the full application is submitted to Yvonne Wiessing for record keeping and filing. 

Contact Karin Lundberg for support and advice about budget and the application process. 

Last modified: 2023-10-26