Postgraduate studies

More information about Postgraduate studies within Science and Technology in general together with checklist before PhD defence and various rules and regulations can be found on following link.

Courses available for the PhD students at the Faculty can be reached through this link.

General information about the study and employment conditions for doctoral students and practical matters can be found in the document Conditions for PhD students and administrative routines at IOB.

Both PhD students and supervisors have access to Ladok's student user interface (UI) where you are able to follow the progress of the studies, take out the study certificates and apply for a degree at the end of the studies.

For administration of courses and other moments within postgraduate studies in Ladok see user guide PhD documentation in Ladok, directed to both PhD’s and supervisors at IOB.

When having a course that should be registered in Ladok please use following form Certificate of finished courses and Transfer of credits and send it to PhD administrator for registration and to supervisor for information.

The individual study plan is drawn up at the start of a PhD education and revised annually in October/November. The individual study plan should be registered and archived at the department so leave the original to registrar. In connection to revision of ISP an assessment of doctoral students' performance is made and whether 50% or 80% of requirements were reached.

When revising your study activity, you can take part of information about your teaching in the system Bemanningsplaneraren. Log in with your password A.

IOB Frontiers seminar series
The department organizes a “Frontiers” seminar series. This series is composed of a “PhD frontiers series” and a “IOB frontiers” series. The “IOB frontiers” series is an open, common department seminar series, where everyone (including PhD students) can invite international speakers. Ideally one speaker per Program per term. The goal is to have one seminar each month - this amounts to 4-6 seminars per term. The “PhD frontiers” seminars take place on the first Tuesday of the month. At each PhD Frontiers seminar, one or two PhD students present their projects followed by questions and discussion.  For attending the PhD seminar student can get credits according to guidelines described in Ladok user guide. Please see schedules and more information about both series here.

Half-time seminar
After 40–60% (latest) of the doctoral student period (at full-time study pace), a half-time seminar is held where a half-time summary is presented that corresponds to a “thesis summary”. In order to be entitled to a salary increase, a student needs to show that 50% of the requirements for PhD studies are met and thus has to be graded with a Pass at the seminar. During the half-time review the Departmental half-time review template should be filled in and signed. After the completion of the review the Director of PhD studies and Administrator for PhD studies should be notified by e-mail, with the completed and signed half-time review statement attached. Read more in Guidelines for half-time seminar.

Biology graduate school
Students can become members in the newly organised Biology PhD School that unites all PhD students across the three research departments in Biology and has the aim to improve student life and education. You need to register in order to become affiliated. For registration and more information:

Swedish courses
Each term Swedish courses are arranged jointly for IEG and IOB and are open for all employees including PhD students. In order to apply you should get approval from your supervisor. All students with first language other than Swedish can receive credits for the course (if approved by supervisor). For more information about the course, ask the HR administrator (Lovisa).

Working environment

The work environment has to be designed so that employees are not exposed to illness or accident at work. Please contact your supervisor and/or your HR administrator if you experience any problem regarding this.

The Equal opportunity program states that the working place should be free of any sexual harassment and that one’s sex or gender, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age will not stand as a ground for discrimination. If you encounter any issues regarding this, you can contact Equal Opportunities Officer (EO Officer) or a student representative.

 A list of all members of working group including safety officers, working environment committee members and Equal Opportunity Group members together with student representatives can be found here.

The Equal opportunity program for the year 2020-2022 is available through following link Microsoft Word - Equal Opportunities Programme IOB 2020-2021_eng.docx (

As a PhD student you are encouraged to participate as a representative at the Departmental board and various other committees. To name a few: Working environment committee, Equal Opportunity Group, Election committee. For more information, turn to HR administrator at the Department.

International courses and conferences
PhD students are encouraged to participate in international workshops, symposia and conferences, which are chosen in agreement with the main supervisor. Links to some popular international (and local) courses and conferences are available through the Biology PhD School website: According to EBC guidelines, the maximum total amount of credits for international symposia is 6 credits.

For attending international conferences and workshops, the university provides travel grants and scholarships. More information on this can be found through following link: Funding - Biology PhD School - Uppsala University, Sweden (

Last modified: 2023-12-08