Rules for entertainment

There are some rules at Uppsala University we need to adhere to concerning  "entertainment" (Swedish: "representation") - a common example is when we invite external guests to a restaurant.

Anyone responsible for such an event should:
Send an e-mail to the head of the department together with purpose, name, research program and email of host, list of participants, and a justification.The head of department sends back an approval by email.

Also submit forms for benefit tax (if applicable) to your administrator.

To get reimbursed, you should register your expenses in Primula Web in the form for "Expenses and entertainment" and submit receipts, in the same way as for other reimbursements.

Summary of current rules
For external entertainment (for example a dinner with an opponent or other visitors)  an amount of up to 700 SEK per person including VAT is allowed. For internal entertainment (when all involved are affiliated with Uppsala University) the sum is a maximum of 500 SEK per person including VAT. Internal entertainment should be reported for benefit tax from the third occasion. Payed "work lunches" should be avoided, and it they occur they should be reported for benefit tax. The person who is organizing the event is responsible for reporting participants for benefit tax.The rules can be found  (in Swedish) at

If you have questions please contact any of the administrators at your research program.