Before booking your travel get your group leader’s approval. Always ensure that the trip is undertaken in a safe and cost-effective manner and check if the same purpose can be achieved by using telephone, web or videoconference.

Always book your travel through our travel agency, Lingmerths. An additional travel insurance is thus included and the invoice is sent directly to research programme. Make sure to provide the invoice reference code.

  • UL/SL card - for local travels with UL and SL you can borrow a card from the administrators.
  • Taxi- can be used restrictively in cases where mass transit is not possible.
  • Hotel- can be booked through Lingmerths or with the hotel directly. When booking a hotel in Sweden you need to use contracted suppliers. Ask the hotel to send the invoice to invoice address stating reference code and your name.
  • Train – book through our contracted supplier. If you have a personal account on, you should link it to company's customer number.

The University has signed an agreement for train travel with a travel agency in Kalmar. Travel by train should no longer be booked by Lingmerths, use the new agency instead. More information is available at Medarbetarportalen.  

It is easy to do it right: Consult the check list before travelling which is available at MP

For more information, see also

IOB Travel policy and Travel

 Note! that no reimbursement is possible outside the procurement rules.

Last modified: 2022-12-16