Environment work

We all have a responsibility for the environment

The chancellor is responsible for the environmental work and the head of the department is responsible for the department environmental work. However, it is important that everyone, staff and students, help each other out. If you have ideas that are good for the environment, please let the Head of the Department or the environmental officer know.

Enivronmental aims UU
New environmental aims 2019-2021 (in Swedish)

What are we doing for the environment at IOB?
Travels are a big part of the environmental liability but is also where we have the opportunity to change and make a difference.

Service bicycles
There are two service bicycles, one regular and one electric. Contact Campus management if you want to borrow one of them. They are equipped with basket, hemelt, vest and backpack. Rain ponchos are also available for borrowing.

Bike-firendly workplace
Bike-friendly workplace is a certification that we are working actively to encourage our employees to bike to work and for work. The certification is divided into five levels, from one to five stars. On all levels, at least seven criteria must be met before you can move on to the next level. In 2019, EBC has been certified with two stars. The certification is posted at the entrance Norbyvägen 18D.

Engine heaters
Engine heaters are placed at the parking spots and everyone is encouraged to use these. The power for the engine heater outlets at the big parking by house 20 is activated at 14:00. Other outlets are controlled by the time of departure and instructions for settings can be found close to the outlet.

To reduce transport emissions, we have asked the following companies to deliver goods to EBC at certain days:
VWR: Deliveries on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Thermo Fisher Scientific: Deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Check KLARA before you order a new chemcals to make sure we don’t already have it or borrow from another department if you only need a little. Write a risk assessment if it is a new chemical and is a CMR-chemical. If it is hazardous, see if it can be replaced by a less hazardous substance. Don’t buy more than you need.

Waste managament
There are recycling bins in the labs for paper, plastics and metal. Waste baskets have been removed in the offices and new recycling bins for combustibles, platics and compost have been acquired and placed in the corridors. Containers for plastics, metal, glass, combustibles, compost, and batteries are available in the kitchens.

Guidelines for waste.

Old freezers consume large amout of energy, since they are not manufactured as optimally as new freezers and that they start to leak more as they age and must compensate in order to maintain temperature. It is a good idea to replace old freezers and buy new energy efficient freezers.

Choose boxes instead of cupboards, when possible. Boxes maintain the cold better when they are opened.

We have service agreements for all low temperature freezers. Make sure that acquisitions of new low-temperature freezers are included in the service agreement we have with Ninolab and that discarded freezers are removed from the agreement.

Stock freezer (Concerns Systematic Biology)

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a freezer placed here where the most commonly used freeze items are stored. The stock can be adjusted in terms of numbers but also what items it shall consist of. Single orders are also possible. The freezer is situated at the Zooeco DNA-lab. (Contact the person responsible for the respective lab to get information about the service).

To think about
At the office: Consider printing copies and colour copies on both sides. Turn off the computer and the lights.

At the lab: Program the PCR-machine to ≥8°C hold. Turn off unused instruments. Only change gloves when needed. Use the same tips and tubes when possible, turn down flow in fume benches and fume hoods when they are not used. The last person to exit the room turns of the lights.

In the lunch room: correctly sort your waste. Bring a plate to Hassans to reduce waste and you have more space for food. Don’t throw away food and save water. Last person to leave turs off the lights.

Last modified: 2021-03-24