Course in handling flammable products

  • Datum: –16.00
  • Plats: Rudbeck laboratory Gösta Hultqvist room
  • Arrangör: Uppsala University
  • Kontaktperson: Annie Engström
  • Workshop

Invitation to a course about the handling of flammable products


Welcome to a course about the handling of flammable products. You will learn more about the risks when handling flammable products and how you can prevent accidents and incidents from happening. We’ll also talk about how to act if accidents happens! The course is important for all who are working in a laboratory where flammable products are handled, and even more important if you are a director or deputy director for the handling. Please, spread the invitation to all your colleagues in your laboratories!

Content of the course

·        Flammable products  - what is it?

·        Legislation

·        Responsibilities

·        Handling in the laboratory

·        Preventative work and crisis preparedness

Theory are varied with discussions, exercises and real-life examples.

Rudbeck room Gösta Hultqvist Thursday 18 October 13.00-16.00.

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Coffe and tea will be served.