Dr Iwan Stössel-Sittig

Picture of Iwan Stössel-Sittig

Iwan Stössel-Sittig is a geologist and palaeoichnologist who was the first to recognise and describe the Devonian tetrapod trackways of Valentia Island in Southwest Ireland. In addition to his work on early tetrapods, Iwan also specialises in Upper Cretaceous rudists, environmental geology, and engineering, and was involved in research into the sauropodomorph dinosaur Plateosaurus of Frick in the Swiss Jura Mountains. Iwan furthermore curates natural history collections and contributes to outreach on the Swiss geological heritage.

Dr Iwan Stössel-Sittig is Natural History Curator and Docent at Earth Sciences department of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, Switzerland. His departmental webpage can be found here   

Last modified: 2023-01-23