Prof. John Long

Picture of John Long

John Long is a vertebrate palaeontologist and palaeoichnologist who studies the Devonian fish and early tetrapod fauna of East Gondwana. He has gained extensive experience working at well-known Australian sites, such as Gogo, Mt. Howitt, and the Mansfield Basin, and has also collected and studied the Devonian faunas of Antarctica. As a world authority the Devonian vertebrates of Gondwana and an expert on Devonian-Carboniferous tetrapod remains and trackways, John will contribute particularly to studies of the fossil assemblages from Valentia Island (Ireland) and Genoa River and Mansfield (Australia).

Prof. John Long is Strategic Professor in Palaeontology at the College of Science and Engineering of Flinders University in Australia. His departmental webpage can be found here

Last modified: 2022-05-20