Dr habil. Živilė Žigaitė-Moro

Picture of Živilė Žigaitė-Moro

Živilė Žigaitė is a palaeontological biogeochemist who focuses on biogeochemical environmental tracers in ancient and modern ecosystems: chemical signatures of physiological and environmental conditions that were recorded in biominerals. She is an expert in extracting and interpreting isotopic and elemental compositions from vertebrate hard tissues such as dental enamel and bone. Obtained from fossils, they serve as proxies to the biology and environmental preferences of extinct life forms. This powerful tool set will be employed to investigate questions on early tetrapod lifestyle and migration.

Dr habil. Živilė Žigaitė is Researcher at the Programme of Evolution and Development with the Department of Organismal Biology of Uppsala University in Sweden. Her departmental webpage can be found here

Last modified: 2022-05-23