Sophie Sanchez, Associate senior lecturer

I started working on bone histology in 2002 at the University Paris VI (France) and familiarised myself with the bone microstructure of extant tetrapods (birds, amphibians and lizards). In 2005, I started my PhD at the Natural History Museum in Paris (France), using bone histology as a tool to investigate the palaeobiology of 300-250 million-year old amphibians (temnospondyls and seymouriamorphs). In 2009, I integrated P. Ahlberg’s lab at Uppsala University in the framework of an European project to develop three-dimensional bone histology in collaboration with P. Tafforeau at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (France). I am now an associate senior lecturer at Uppsala University. Based on these new methods, I investigate the fish-tetrapod transition. 

Jordi Estefa, PhD student (2015–2019)

My main supervisor is Sophie Sanchez and my co-supervisor is Per Ahlberg. My PhD focuses in the evolution of secondary centres of ossification (SCO) in the limb bones of amniotes, more particularly stem- and crown-mammals. I am interested in identifying the evolutionary pressures that led to the appearance of SCO: biomechanical constraints or growth control mechanisms. I approach this question using high-resolution synchrotron X-ray computed micro-tomography to make virtual 3D models of long bones at the micro-anatomical and histological level, in fossil and living taxa.

Viktoriia Kamska, Master student (2016)