See our list of publications below. The list is and excerpt from the Uppsala University publication catalogue DiVA

  • Ausmees, Kristiina; Sanchez-Quinto, Federico; Jakobsson, Mattias; Nettelblad, Carl

    An empirical evaluation of genotype imputation of ancient DNA


    Open access
  • Shebanits, Kateryna; Günther, Torsten; Johansson, Anna C. V.; Maqbool, Khurram et al.

    Copy number determination of the gene for the human pancreatic polypeptide receptor NPY4R using read depth analysis and droplet digital PCR.

    Part of BMC Biotechnology, 2019.

    Open access
  • Vicente, Mário; Jakobsson, Mattias; Ebbesen, Peter; Schlebusch, Carina

    Genetic Affinities among Southern Africa Hunter-Gatherers and the Impact of Admixing Farmer and Herder Populations

    Part of Molecular biology and evolution, p. 1849-1861, 2019.

    Open access
  • Lombard, Marlize; Malmström, Helena; Schlebusch, Carina; Svensson, Emma et al.

    Genetic data and radiocarbon dating question Plovers Lake as a Middle Stone Age hominin-bearing site

    Part of Journal of Human Evolution, p. 203-209, 2019.

  • Cubas, Miriam; Peyroteo Stjerna, Rita; Fontanals-Coll, Maria; Llorente-Rodríguez, Laura et al.

    Long-term dietary change in Atlantic and Mediterranean Iberia with the introduction of agriculture: a stable isotope perspective

    Part of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, p. 3825-3836, 2019.

    Open access
  • Tournebize, Rémi; Poncet, Valérie; Jakobsson, Mattias; Vigouroux, Yves et al.

    McSwan: A joint site frequency spectrum method to detect and date selective sweeps across multiple population genomes

    Part of Molecular Ecology Resources, p. 283-295, 2019.

  • Sanchez-Quinto, Federico; Malmström, Helena; Fraser, Magdalena; Girdland-Flink, Linus et al.

    Megalithic tombs in western and northern Neolithic Europe were linked to a kindred society

    Part of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, p. 9469-9474, 2019.

    Open access
  • Malmström, Helena; Günther, Torsten; Svensson, Emma M.; Juras, Anna et al.

    The genomic ancestry of the Scandinavian Battle Axe Culture people and their relation to the broader Corded Ware horizon

    Part of Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences, 2019.

    Open access
  • Günther, Torsten; Nettelblad, Carl

    The presence and impact of reference bias on population genomic studies of prehistoric human populations

    Part of PLoS Genetics, 2019.

    Open access
  • Price, Neil; Hedenstierna-Jonson, Charlotte; Zachrisson, Torun; Kjellström, Anna et al.

    Viking warrior women?: Reassessing Birka chamber grave Bj.581

    Part of Antiquity, p. 181-198, 2019.

    Open access
  • Krzewinska, Maja; Kilinc, Gulsah Merve; Juras, Anna; Koptekin, Dilek et al.

    Ancient genomes suggest the eastern Pontic-Caspian steppe as the source of western Iron Age nomads

    Part of Science Advances, 2018.

  • Lombard, Marlize; Jakobsson, Mattias; Schlebusch, Carina

    Ancient human DNA: How sequencing the genome of a boy from Ballito Bay changed human history

    Part of South African Journal of Science, 2018.

    Open access
  • Kuhn, Jose Manuel Monroy; Jakobsson, Mattias; Günther, Torsten

    Estimating genetic kin relationships in prehistoric populations

    Part of PLoS ONE, 2018.

    Open access
  • Valdiosera, Cristina; Günther, Torsten; Carlos Vera-Rodriguez, Juan; Urena, Irene et al.

    Four millennia of Iberian biomolecular prehistory illustrate the impact of prehistoric migrations at the far end of Eurasia

    Part of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, p. 3428-3433, 2018.

  • Krzewinska, Maja; Kjellstrom, Anna; Günther, Torsten; Hedenstierna-Jonson, Charlotte et al.

    Genomic and Strontium Isotope Variation Reveal Immigration Patterns in a Viking Age Town

    Part of Current Biology, p. 2730-2738.e10, 2018.

    Open access
  • Kilinc, Gulsah Merve; Kashuba, Natalija; Yaka, Reyhan; Sumer, Arev Pelin et al.

    Investigating Holocene human population history in North Asia using ancient mitogenomes

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2018.

    Open access
  • Juras, Anna; Chylenski, Maciej; Ehler, Edvard; Malmström, Helena et al.

    Mitochondrial genomes reveal an east to west cline of steppe ancestry in Corded Ware populations

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2018.

    Open access
  • Fraser, Magdalena; Sanchez-Quinto, Federico; Evans, Jane; Storå, Jan et al.

    New insights on cultural dualism and population structure in the MiddleNeolithic Funnel Beaker culture on the island of Gotland

    Part of Journal of Archaeological Science, p. 325-334, 2018.

  • Naidoo, Thijessen; Sjödin, Per; Schlebusch, Carina; Jakobsson, Mattias

    Patterns of variation in cis-regulatory regions: examining evidence of purifying selection

    Part of BMC Genomics, 2018.

    Open access
  • Günther, Torsten; Malmström, Helena; Svensson, Emma; Omrak, Ayca et al.

    Population genomics of Mesolithic Scandinavia: Investigating early postglacial migration routes and high-latitude adaptation

    Part of PLoS biology, 2018.

    Open access
  • Schlebusch, Carina; Jakobsson, Mattias

    Tales of Human Migration, Admixture, and Selection in Africa

    Part of Annual review of genomics and human genetics (Print), p. 405-428, 2018.

  • Peyroteo Stjerna, Rita; Araújo, Ana Cristina; Diniz, Mariana

    The dead at Escoural Cave (Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal): Early farmer's interactions in south-western Iberian Peninsula

    Part of De Gibraltar aos Pirenéus, p. 65-83, 2018.

    Open access
  • Fraser, Magdalena; Sjödin, Per; Sanchez-Quinto, Federico; Evans, Jane et al.

    The Stone Cist Conundrum: A multidisciplinary approach to investigate Late Neolithic/ Early Bronze Age population demography on the Island of Gotland

    Part of Journal of Archaeological Science, p. 324-337, 2018.

  • Hedenstierna-Jonson, Charlotte; Kjellström, Anna; Zachrisson, Torun; Krzewińska, Maja et al.

    A female Viking warrior confirmed by genomics

    Part of American Journal of Physical Anthropology, p. 853-860, 2017.

    Open access
  • Owers, Katharine A.; Sjödin, Per; Schlebusch, Carina M.; Skoglund, Pontus et al.

    Adaptation to infectious disease exposure in indigenous Southern African populations

    Part of Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences, 2017.

  • Goldberg, Amy; Günther, Torsten; Rosenberg, Noah A.; Jakobsson, Mattias

    Ancient X chromosomes reveal contrasting sex bias in Neolithic and Bronze Age Eurasian migrations

    Part of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, p. 2657-2662, 2017.

  • Peyroteo Stjerna, Rita

    Arqueotanatologia e coleções museológicas: Estratégias e desafios para o estudo das práticas funerárias do passado

    Part of Arqueologia em Portugal, p. 447-459, 2017.

    Open access
  • Vicente, Mário; Ebbesen, Peter; Jakobsson, Mattias; Schlebusch, Carina

    Genetic variation of southern Africa hunter-gatherers and the impact of admixture with farming and pastoralist populations

    Part of American Journal of Physical Anthropology, p. 395-395, 2017.

  • Rodriguez-Varela, Ricardo; Günther, Torsten; Krzewinska, Maja; Stora, Jan et al.

    Genomic Analyses of Pre-European Conquest Human Remains from the Canary Islands Reveal Close Affinity to Modern North Africans

    Part of Current Biology, p. 3396-3402, 2017.

    Open access
  • Juras, Anna; Chylenski, Maciej; Krenz-Niedbala, Marta; Malmström, Helena et al.

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  • Chylenski, Maciej; Juras, Anna; Ehler, Edvard; Malmström, Helena et al.

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    Part of BMC Evolutionary Biology, 2017.

    Open access
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    Part of PLOS Genetics, 2017.

    Open access
  • Goldberg, Amy; Günther, Torsten; Rosenberg, Noah A.; Jakobsson, Mattias

    Robust model-based inference of male-biased admixture during Bronze Age migration from the Pontic-Caspian Steppe: Reply to Lazaridis and Reich

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  • Schlebusch, Carina; Malmström, Helena; Günther, Torsten; Sjödin, Per et al.

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    Upplevelser av chorea och dess påverkan på fysisk aktivitet hos fem personer med Huntingtons sjukdom: En kvalitativ intervjustudie


    Open access
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    Erik den heliges skelett

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    Open access
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  • Peyroteo Stjerna, Rita

    On Death in the Mesolithic: Or the Mortuary Practices of the Last Hunter-Gatherers of the South-Western Iberian Peninsula, 7th–6th Millennium BCE

    Open access
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  • Peyroteo Stjerna, Rita

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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Part of Human Genetics, p. 1365-1373, 2016.

    Open access