Visit us during SciLifeLabs Open House Day 27th of May 2015.


Take the opportunity to get to know a new model system! Between 13.00-13.45 you are welcome to visit our facility and ask us questions. 

"Do you want to know more about zebrafish as a model system? Can zebrafish be of interest for you in your research? We offer standardized housing and husbandry of zebrafish, automated in situ hybridization, KASP SNP genotyping, techniques for forward and reverse genetic experiments, imaging of zebrafish larvae etc. We now also offer high-throughput targeted mutation service using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Does this sound interesting? Welcome to EBC to learn about this fascinating animal model.

Address: Evolutionary Biology Center, Norbyv. 18A, Ground floor. ”


Last modified: 2022-12-28