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Medical entomology is the science about insects, ticks and other arthropods which directly or indirectly cause disease or illness in man and other vertebrates. Medical entomology also deals with the ecology, epidemiology and control of infections and other health problems caused by arthropod-transmitted viruses, bacteria, protists and nematodes. The biology and control of toxin-producing, harmful wasps, scorpions, spiders and centipedes, and allergen-producing mites and moths are other important areas for research in medical entomology.


Ecology and behaviour of ticks and the epidemiology of tick-borne infections

The ecology and behaviour of ticks and the epidemiology of tick-borne infections, in particular the influence of climate change on the ecology of the common tick Ixodes ricinus and epidemiology of the infections caused by the TBE virus (tick-borne encephalitis virus), Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. (Lyme disease spirochaetes), Rickettsia helvetica and other tick-transmitted rickettsiae.