Research projects

I study two very closely related and highly diverse families of sac-fungi; Lasiosphaeriaceae and Sordariaceae (Sordariales, Ascomycota). They contain lignicolous, herbicolous, and coprophilous species, and several economically important model organisms do also belong to these families. Most genera of Lasiosphaeriaceae and Sordariaceae are, however, in urgent need of revision. Current classification is to large extent based on ascospore morphology, which are extremely homoplastic features within these families. My research aims to solve phylogenetic relationships within and between genera of Lasiosphaeriaceae and Sordariaceae and relate phylogenies to current classification.

My project is funded by ArtDatabanken as a part of The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative.

A part of my project is carried out in collaboration with Andrew Miller, INHS.

Main academic interests

Ascomycete systematics and evolution, especially members of Dothideomycetes and Sordariomycetes
Biodiversity and conservation of fungi
The biology of coprophilous organisms