Magnus Lidén - Fumariaceae and Dionysia

My main research is about the Fumariaceae, the bleeding heart family. My focus is Corydalis with close to 500 species, distributed over the Northern hemisphere with a concentration in SW China. So far 470 species are recognised, a large part of these discovered during the last few decades together with Chinese colleagues. No doubt there are several unknown species in e.g. East Himalaya.

Fumaria has 55 species, from the Canaries to Nepal. They form an intricate reticulum of relationships, as many species have arisen through chromosome doubling of primary hybrids. This has led to several different chromosome numbers (ploidy levels): 2n=16 and multiples thereof to 2n=112.

Dionysia are cushionforming perennials growing on vertical rocks in Iran. Many are known only from a single mountain. When in flower, they are stunning, completely covered in yellow or violet flowers.

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