Our publications

  • Burki, Fabien; Roger, Andrew J.; Brown, Matthew W.; Simpson, Alastair G. B.

    The New Tree of Eukaryotes

    Part of Trends in Ecology & Evolution, p. 43-55, 2020.

    Open access
  • Carlsson, Bengt; Svensson, Brita; Ljungstrand, Erik; Lindell, Torbjörn et al.

    Det är fjädersvingel som växer på Gotlands sandstränder [Vulpia fasciculata found on sandy beaches on Gotland, SE Sweden]

    Part of Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift, p. 4-8, 2020.

  • Veldman, Sarina; Ju, Yingzi; Otieno, Joseph N.; Abihudi, Siri et al.

    DNA barcoding augments conventional methods for identification of medicinal plant species traded at Tanzanian markets

    Part of Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2020.

    Open access
  • Irisarri, Iker; Uribe, Juan E.; Eernisse, Douglas J.; Zardoya, Rafael

    A mitogenomic phylogeny of chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora)

    Part of BMC Evolutionary Biology, 2020.

    Open access
  • Tibell, Sanja; Tibell, Leif; Pang, Ka-Lai; Calabon, Mark et al.

    Marine fungi of the Baltic Sea

    Part of Mycology - An International Journal on Fungal Biology, 2020.

    Open access
  • Ge, Zai-Wei; Wu, Jian-Yun; Hao, Yan-Jia; Zhang, Qingying et al.

    The genus Catathelasma (Catathelasmataceae, Basidiomycota) in China

    Part of MycoKeys, p. 123-138, 2020.

    Open access
  • Jamy, Mahwash; Foster, Rachel; Barbera, Pierre; Czech, Lucas et al.

    Long-read metabarcoding of the eukaryotic rDNA operon to phylogenetically and taxonomically resolve environmental diversity

    Part of Molecular Ecology Resources, p. 429-443, 2020.

  • Bell, David; Lin, Qianshi; Gerelle, Weslery K.; Joya, Steve et al.

    Organellomic data sets confirm a cryptic consensus on (unrooted) land-plant relationships and provide new insights into bryophyte molecular evolution

    Part of American Journal of Botany, p. 91-115, 2020.

  • Samarasinghe, Himeshi; Vogan, Aaron; Pum, Nicole; Xu, Jianping

    Patterns of allele distribution in a hybrid population of the Cryptococcus neoformans species complex

    Part of Mycoses (Berlin), p. 275-283, 2020.

  • Tibell, Sanja; Tibell, Leif; Pang, Ka-Lai; Jones, Gareth E.B.

    A conspectus of the filamentous marine fungi of Sweden

    Part of Botanica Marina, p. 141-153, 2020.

    Open access
  • Jones, Gareth; Devadatha, Bandarupalli; Abdel-Wahab, Mohamed; Dayarathne, Monika et al.

    Phylogeny of new marine Dothideomycetes and Sordariomycetes from mangroves and deep-sea sediments

    Part of Botanica Marina, p. 155-181, 2020.

    Open access
  • Grandi, Giulio; Chitimia-Dobler, Lidia; Choklikitumnuey, Phimphanit; Strube, Christina et al.

    First records of adult Hyalomma marginatum and H. rufipes ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) in Sweden

    Part of Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases, 2020.

  • Hussein, Juma Mahmud

    Polyporoid fungi of Tanzania: Taxonomy, transcriptomics and biochemical analyses of Kusaghiporia usambarensis and Piptoporellus baudonii

    Open access
  • Frohlich, Michael W.; Thulin, Mats; Chase, Mark W.

    Ninety-three new combinations in Euploca for species of Heliotropium section Orthostachys (Boraginaceae sensu APG)

    Part of Phytotaxa, p. 13-21, 2020.

    Open access
  • Ament-Velásquez, Sandra Lorena

    Drivers of evolutionary change in Podospora anserina

    Open access
  • Thulin, Mats

    The Genus Boswellia (Burseraceae): The Frankincense Trees

    Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 2020.

    Open access
  • Lidén, Magnus; Bharali, Pankaj

    Flowers of the Se La: Alpine plants of NW Arunachal Pradesh

    Uppsala University, 2020.

    Open access
  • Hosseini, Sara; Meunier, Cécile; Nguyen, Diem; Reimegård, Johan et al.

    Comparative analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation in Neurospora

    Part of Epigenetics, 2020.

    Open access
  • Ling, Jiaxin; Vinnersten, Thomas Persson; Hesson, Jenny C.; Bohlin, Jon et al.

    Identification of hepatitis C virus in the common bed bug - a potential, but uncommon route for HCV infection?

    Part of EMERGING MICROBES & INFECTIONS, p. 1429-1431, 2020.

    Open access
  • Tibuhwa, Donatha; Hussein, Juma; Ryvarden, Leif; Mark, Sijaona et al.

    A phylogeny for the plant pathogen Piptoporellus baudonii using a multigene data set

    Part of Mycologia, 2020.

  • Irwin, Nicholas; Tikhonenkov, Denis; Hehenberger, Elisabeth; Mylnikov, Alexander et al.

    Phylogenomics supports the monophyly of the Cercozoa

    Part of Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, p. 416-423, 2019.

  • Bass, David; Ward, Georgia M.; Burki, Fabien


    Part of Current Biology, p. R7-R8, 2019.

  • Adl, Sina M.; Bass, David; Lane, Christopher E.; Lukes, Julius et al.

    Revisions to the Classification, Nomenclature, and Diversity of Eukaryotes

    Part of Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, p. 4-119, 2019.

    Open access
  • Cárdenas, Paco; Moore, Jon A.

    First records of Geodia demosponges from the New England seamounts, an opportunity to test the use of DNA mini-barcodes on museum specimens

    Part of Marine Biodiversity, p. 163-174, 2019.

    Open access
  • Tuovinen, Veera; Ekman, Stefan; Thor, Goren; Vanderpool, Dan et al.

    Two Basidiomycete Fungi in the Cortex of Wolf

    Part of Current Biology, p. 476-+, 2019.

    Open access
  • Uribe, Juan E.; Irisarri, Iker; Templado, Jose; Zardoya, Rafael

    New patellogastropod mitogenomes help counteracting long-branch attraction in the deep phylogeny of gastropod mollusks

    Part of Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, p. 12-23, 2019.

  • Baeten, Lander; Bruelheide, Helge; van der Plas, Fons; Kambach, Stephan et al.

    Identifying the tree species compositions that maximize ecosystem functioning in European forests

    Part of Journal of Applied Ecology, p. 733-744, 2019.

  • Thulin, Mats; Decarlo, Anjanette; Johnson, Stephen P.

    Boswellia occulta (Burseraceae), a new species of frankincense tree from Somalia (Somaliland)

    Part of Phytotaxa, p. 219-224, 2019.

    Open access
  • Rhoades, Nicholas A.; Harvey, Austin M.; Samarajeewa, Dilini A.; Svedberg, Jesper et al.

    Identification of rfk-1, a Meiotic Driver Undergoing RNA Editing in Neurospora

    Part of Genetics, p. 93-110, 2019.

  • Tibell, Leif; Tibell Savić, Sanja; Van Der Pluijm, Arno

    Chaenotheca biesboschii a new calicioid lichen from willow forests in the Netherlands

    Part of The Lichenologist, p. 123-135, 2019.

  • Elmhalli, Fawzeia

    Plants as Sources of Natural and Effective Acaricides: Against Ixodes ricinus  (Acari: Ixodidae)

    Open access
  • Ferm, Julia

    A preliminary phylogeny of Zapoteca (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae: Mimosoid clade)

    Part of Plant Systematics and Evolution, p. 341-352, 2019.

    Open access
  • Hua, Wenjing; Vogan, Aaron A.; Xu, Jianping

    Genotypic and Phenotypic Analyses of Two "Isogenic" Strains of the Human Fungal Pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans

    Part of Mycopathologia, p. 195-212, 2019.

  • Hilonga, S.; Otieno, J. N.; Ghorbani, Abdolbaset; Pereus, D. et al.

    Trade of wild-harvested medicinal plant species in local markets of Tanzania and its implications for conservation

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  • Anderson, Jennifer L; Nieuwenhuis, Bart P. S.; Johannesson, Hanna

    Asexual reproduction and growth rate: independent and plastic lifehistory traits in Neurospora crassa

    Part of The ISME Journal, p. 780-788, 2019.

    Open access
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    Sexual conflict

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    Newly designed 16S rRNA metabarcoding primers amplify diverse and novel archaeal taxa from the environment

    Part of Environmental Microbiology Reports, p. 487-494, 2019.

    Open access
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    Dose estimation of ultra-low-dose chest CT to different sized adult patients

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    Phenotypic sexual dimorphism is associated with genomic signatures of resolved sexual conflict

    Part of Molecular Ecology, p. 2860-2871, 2019.

    Open access
  • Temu, Stella; Clerc, Philippe; Tibell, Leif; Tibuhwa, Donatha et al.

    Phylogeny of the subgenus Eumitria in Tanzania

    Part of Mycology: An International Journal on Fungal Biology, 2019.

    Open access
  • Strassert, Jürgen F. H.; Hehenberger, Elisabeth; del Campo, Javier; Okamoto, Noriko et al.

    Phylogeny, Evidence for a Cryptic Plastid, and Distribution of Chytriodinium Parasites (Dinophyceae) Infecting Copepods

    Part of Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, p. 574-581, 2019.

  • Thulin, Mats; Harley, Raymond M.

    Mollugo viscosa sp. nov. (Molluginaceae), a segregate of M. brasiliensis from Minas Gerais in eastern Brazil

    Part of Nordic Journal of Botany, 2019.

  • Elmhalli, Fawzeia; Garboui, Samira S.; Karlson, Anna Karin M. Borg; Mozuraitis, Raimondas et al.

    The repellency and toxicity effects of Essential oils from the Libyan plants Salvadora persica and Rosmarinus officinalis against nymphs of Ixodes ricinus.

    Part of Experimental & applied acarology, p. 585-599, 2019.

    Open access
  • Strassert, Jürgen F. H.; Jamy, Mahwash; Mylnikov, Alexander P.; Tikhonenkov, Denis V. et al.

    New Phylogenomic Analysis of the Enigmatic Phylum Telonemia Further Resolves the Eukaryote Tree of Life

    Part of Molecular biology and evolution, p. 757-765, 2019.

  • Waege, J.; Strassert, Jürgen F. H.; Landsberger, A.; Loick-Wilde, N. et al.

    Microcapillary sampling of Baltic Sea copepod gut microbiomes indicates high variability among individuals and the potential for methane production

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    Progress towards the Tree of Eukaryotes

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    Environmental temperatures shape thermal physiology as well as diversification and genome-wide substitution rates in lizards

    Part of Nature Communications, 2019.

    Open access
  • Darolti, Iulia; Wright, Alison E.; Sandkam, Benjamin A.; Morris, Jake et al.

    Extreme heterogeneity in sex chromosome differentiation and dosage compensation in livebearers

    Part of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, p. 19031-19036, 2019.

    Open access
  • Hiltunen, Markus; Grudzinska-Sterno, Magdalena; Wallerman, Ola; Ryberg, Martin et al.

    Maintenance of High Genome Integrity over Vegetative Growth in the Fairy-Ring Mushroom Marasmius oreades

    Part of Current Biology, p. 2758-2765, 2019.

  • Bharali, Pankaj; Das, Arup Kumar; Lidén, Magnus

    Notes on the alpine flora of Arunachal Pradesh: including several species new to India

    Part of Plant diversity in the Himalaya hotspot region, p. 163-194, 2019.

  • Lidén, Magnus

    Silene indica (Caryophyllaceae) is not an Indian species

    Part of Angiosperm Systematics:, p. 98-106, 2019.

  • Leebens-Mack, James H.; Barker, Michael S.; Carpenter, Eric J.; Deyholos, Michael K. et al.

    One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants

    Part of Nature, p. 679-+, 2019.

    Open access
  • Jaenson, Thomas G.T.; Wilhelmsson, Peter

    First records of tick-borne pathogens in populations of the taiga tick Ixodes persulcatus in Sweden

    Part of Parasites & Vectors, 2019.

    Open access
  • Kinsella, Cormac M.; Ruiz-Ruano, Francisco J.; Dion-Cote, Anne-Marie; Charles, Alexander J. et al.

    Programmed DNA elimination of germline development genes in songbirds

    Part of Nature Communications, 2019.

    Open access
  • Symonova, Radka; Suh, Alexander

    Nucleotide composition of transposable elements likely contributes to AT/GC compositional homogeneity of teleost fish genomes

    Part of Mobile DNA, 2019.

    Open access
  • Thulin, Mats

    Luddranunkel och grekvädd funna på Gotland

    Part of Rindi, p. 14-17, 2019.

  • Lidén, Magnus; Adhikari, Alister

    Floristic report from Upper Dibang (Arunachal Pradesh) with several species new to India

    Part of Pleione, p. 175-187, 2019.

  • Lidén, Magnus

    Vad skall växten heta? Om reglerna kring den botaniska namngivningen

    Part of Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift, p. 88-97, 2019.

  • Lidén, Magnus

    Platanthera species with amphora-like spurs in NE India

    Part of Pleione, p. 171-174, 2019.

  • Lidén, Magnus

    On the identity of Balanophora involucrata Hook.f. and B. flava (Hook.f.) Lidén comb. nov.

    Part of Pleione, p. 139-141, 2019.

  • Gilbert Temu, Stella; Tibell, Sanja; Tibuhwa, Donatha; Tibell, Leif

    Crustose Calicioid Lichens and Fungi in Mountain Cloud Forests of Tanzania

    Part of Microorganisms, 2019.

    Open access
  • Ferm, Julia; Korall, Petra; Lewis, Gwilym P; Ståhl, Bertil

    Phylogeny of the Neotropical legume genera Zygia and Marmaroxylon and close relatives

    Part of Taxon, 2019.

  • Vogan, Aaron A.; Ament-Velásquez, Sandra Lorena; Granger-Farbos, Alexandra; Svedberg, Jesper et al.

    Combinations of Spok genes create multiple meiotic drivers in Podospora

    Part of eLIFE, 2019.

    Open access
  • Strassert, Jürgen F H; Karnkowska, Anna; Hehenberger, Elisabeth; del Campo, Javier et al.

    Single cell genomics of uncultured marine alveolates shows paraphyly of basal dinoflagellates

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    Seasonal and annual variation in fungal communities associated with epigeic springtails (Collembola spp.) in boreal forests

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  • Radek, Renate; Meuser, Katja; Strassert, Jürgen F. H.; Arslan, Oguzhan et al.

    Exclusive Gut Flagellates of Serritermitidae Suggest a Major Transfaunation Event in Lower Termites: Description of Heliconympha glossotermitis gen. nov spec. nov.

    Part of Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, p. 77-92, 2018.

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    Open access
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    New light on names and naming of dark taxa

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    Open access
  • Lidén, Magnus; Kårehed, Jesper

    Linné och det naturliga systemet

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    Multilevel Selection in the Filamentous Ascomycete Neurospora tetrasperma

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    Open access
  • Wanasinghe, Dhanushka N.; Phukhamsakda, Chayanard; Hyde, Kevin D.; Jeewon, Rajesh et al.

    Fungal diversity notes 709–839: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa with an emphasis on fungi on Rosaceae

    Part of Fungal diversity, p. 1-236, 2018.

  • Tahir, Aisha; Hussain, Fatma; Ahmed, Nisar; Ghorbani, Abdolbaset et al.

    Assessing universality of DNA barcoding in geographically isolated selected desert medicinal species of Fabaceae and Poaceae

    Part of PeerJ, 2018.

    Open access
  • de Boer, Hugo; Newman, Mark; Poulsen, Axel Dalberg; Droop, A. Jane et al.

    Convergent morphology in Alpinieae (Zingiberaceae): Recircumscribing Amomum as a monophyletic genus

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  • Onuţ-Brännström, Ioana; Benjamin, Mitchell; Scofield, Douglas G.; Starri, Heiðmarsson et al.

    Sharing of photobionts in sympatric populations of Thamnolia and Cetraria lichens: evidence from high-throughput sequencing

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2018.

    Open access
  • Bahram, Mohammad; Vanderpool, Dan; Pent, Mari; Hiltunen, Markus et al.

    The genome and microbiome of a dikaryotic fungus (Inocybe terrigena, Inocybaceae) revealed by metagenomics

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    Slow evolution of sex-biased genes in the reproductive tissue of the dioecious plant Salix viminalis

    Part of Molecular Ecology, p. 694-708, 2018.

    Open access
  • Hinsley, Amy; de Boer, Hugo J.; Fay, Michael F.; Gale, Stephan W. et al.

    A review of the trade in orchids and its implications for conservation

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    A crush on small fungi: An efficient and quick method for obtaining DNA from minute ascomycetes

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  • Sundberg, Henrik; Kruys, Åsa; Bergsten, Johannes; Ekman, Stefan

    Position specificity in the genus Coreomyces (Laboulbeniomycetes, Ascomycota)

    Part of Fungal Systematics and Evolution, p. 217 217-228 228, 2018.

    Open access
  • Zhang, Zebin; Jia, Yaxiong; Almeida, Pedro; Mank, Judith E. et al.

    Whole-genome resequencing reveals signatures of selection and timing of duck domestication

    Part of GigaScience, 2018.

    Open access
  • Mirmajlessi, S. M.; Bahram, Mohammad; Mänd, M.; Najdabbasi, N. et al.

    Survey of Soil Fungal Communities in Strawberry Fields by Illumina Amplicon Sequencing

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  • Posthouwer, Chantal; Veldman, Sarina; Abihudi, Sarina; Otieno, Joseph N. et al.

    Quantitative market survey of non-woody plants sold at Kariakoo Market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Part of Journal of Ethnopharmacology, p. 280-287, 2018.

  • Ghorbani, Abdolbaset; Wieringa, Jan J.; de Boer, Hugo J.; Porck, Henk et al.

    Botanical and floristic composition of the Historical Herbarium of Leonhard Rauwolf collected in the Near East (1573-1575)

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    High-level classification of the Fungi and a tool for evolutionary ecological analyses

    Part of Fungal diversity, p. 135-159, 2018.

    Open access
  • Morris, Jake; Darolti, Iulia; Bloch, Natasha I.; Wright, Alison E. et al.

    Shared and Species-Specific Patterns of Nascent Y Chromosome Evolution in Two Guppy Species

    Part of Genes, 2018.

    Open access
  • Zlatogursky, Vasily V.; Drachko, Daria; Klimov, Vladimir, I; Shishkin, Yegor

    On the phylogenetic position of the genus Raphidocystis (Haptista: Centroplasthelida) with notes on the dimorphism in centrohelid life cycle

    Part of European Journal of Protistology, p. 82-90, 2018.

  • Sundberg, Henrik

    Contributions to the understanding of diversity and evolution in the genus Coreomyces

    Open access
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    Great differences in performance and outcome of high-throughput sequencing data analysis platforms for fungal metabarcoding

    Part of MycoKeys, p. 29-40, 2018.

    Open access
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    The importance of wildlife in the ecology and epidemiology of the TBE virus in Sweden: incidence of human TBE correlates with abundance of deer and hares

    Part of Parasites & Vectors, 2018.

    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
  • Veldman, Sarina; Kim, Seol-Jong; van Andel, Tinde R.; Font, Maria Bello et al.

    Trade in Zambian Edible Orchids-DNA Barcoding Reveals the Use of Unexpected Orchid Taxa for Chikanda

    Part of Genes, 2018.

    Open access
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    Open access
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    Acaricidal properties of ylang-ylang oil and star anise oil against nymphs of Ixodes ricinus (Acari: Ixodidae)

    Part of Experimental & applied acarology, p. 209-220, 2018.

    Open access
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    Silene pseudoindica(Caryophyllaceae) a new species from Nepal, hitherto confused withS. indica

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