Journal Club

The community of scientists working on transposable elements, endogenous viruses, and other repetitive elements is scattered all across Uppsala. In July 2017, we therefore established the Uppsala Transposon Club as an email list to connect local scientists across departments and universities. Contact Alexander Suh if you would like to join the club!

TE Tuesday

Approximately once a month there is TE Tuesday, an informal journal club/pub loosely inspired by the Ross-Ibarra lab's R.E.H.A.B.. We meet to discuss a selected topic, for which a selected paper is provided as a discussion primer. The main focus is to discuss different viewpoints (and similarities) in the context of the various organisms we work on.

Here is what we have been up to so far, or soon will be up to. The format is either a pub setting or B.Y.O.B. (bring your own beverage).

Date Place Topic Primer Comment
June 13, 18:00 Bryggeriet Ångkvarn First TE Tuesday N/A Welcome Valentina Peona and Marco Ricci!
July 11, 18:00 Båthuset TE defense N/A Welcome Caroline Guldvog!
August 24, 17:00 EBC benches at 18e, B.Y.O.B. Satellite DNA Meštrović et al. 2015 TE Tuesday on a Thursday, special guest Matthias Weissensteiner
No TE Tuesday in September due to Uppsala Transposon Symposium (9 invited talks about TEs!) on October 6.
October 31, 18:00 O'Connor's TE GWAS Laricchia et al. 2017

Welcome Anne-Marie Dion-Côté!

December 05, 17:00

EBC 18D, room 1100 Best of 2017 Pick your favorite paper of 2017

Last TE Tuesday of 2017! Discussion summary here.

No TE Tuesday in January due to winter holidays.
February 20, 18:00 O'Connor's DNA elimination Smith et al. 2018 First TE Tuesday of 2018!
March 27, 18:00 O'Connor's piRNA Parhad et al. 2017
April 24, 18:00 Bishops Arms centromere TEs Presting 2018
June 05, 18:00 EBC benches at 18e, B.Y.O.B. machine learning Schietgat et al. 2018 Welcome Jesper Boman!
July 24, 18:00 Båthuset squamate TEs Pasquesi et al. 2018 Welcome Octavio Palacios!
August 14, 18:00 Båthuset virus exaptation Koonin & Krupovic 2018
September 11, 18:00 William's nomenclature Gifford et al. 2018 Welcome James Galbraith!
October 23, 15:15 EBC room 1100, B.Y.O.B. centromere evolution Lazar et al. 2018 Special guest and moderator Rachel O'Neill
November 20, 15:30 EBC room 1100, B.Y.O.B. adaptive TE insertions Guio et al. 2018 Special guest and moderator Josefa Gonzalez
December 18, 16:00 EBC room 1100, B.Y.O.B. Best of 2018 Pick your favorite paper of 2018 Last TE Tuesday of 2018! Discussion summary upcoming.
January 29, 18:00 William's chromosome architecture Mizuguchi et al. 2015 Welcome Boel Olsson!
March 05, 17:00 EBC fika room in 18d second floor weird genomes Parfey et al. 2008 Special guest Cormac Kinsella (Suh lab alumnus)

TE Digest

The approximately monthly TE Digest is an attempt to keep up with the dozens of papers published each month on research on transposons, viruses, or other repetitive elements. The current format is an alphabetically sorted list of paper titles with links.