Five most recent publications (peer-reviewed):

[40] Symonová, R., Suh, A. (2019) Nucleotide composition of transposable elements likely contributes to AT/GC compositional homogeneity of teleost fish genomes. Mobile DNA 10, 49. Link.

[39] Kinsella, C. M.*, Ruiz-Ruano, F. J.*, Dion-Côté, A.-M., Charles, A. J., Gossmann, T. I., Cabrero, J., Kappei, D., Hemmings, N., Simons, M. J. P., Camacho, J. P. M., Forstmeier, W., Suh, A. (2019) Programmed DNA elimination of germline development genes in songbirds. Nature Communications 10, 5468. Preprint. Link. *equal contributions.

[38] Schweizer, M.*, Warmuth, V.*, Kakhki, N. A.*, Aliabadian, M., Förschler, M., Shirihai, H., Ewels, P., Gruselius, J., Olsen, R.-A., Taborsak-Lines, F., Suh, A., Burri, R. (2019) Genome-wide evidence supports mitochondrial relationships and pervasive parallel phenotypic evolution in open-habitat chats. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 139, 106568. Link.

[37] Boman, J., Frankl-Vilches, C., da Silva dos Santos, M., de Oliveira, E. H. C., Gahr, M., Suh, A. (2019) The genome of blue-capped cordon-bleu uncovers hidden diversity of LTR retrotransposons in zebra finch. Genes 10: 301. Link.

[36] Xu, L., Auer, G., Peona, V., Suh, A., Deng, Y., Feng, S., Zhang, G., Blom, M., Christidis, L., Prost, S., Irestedt, M., Zhou, Q. (2019) Dynamic evolutionary history and gene content of sex chromosomes across diverse songbirds. Nature Ecology and Evolution 3, 834–844. Preprint. Link.

A complete and frequently updated publication list can be found on Alexander Suh's personal website and on Google Scholar. See below for peer-reviewed publications published since 2013.