Genome Engineering Zebrafish National Facility

Genome engineering zebrafish national facility provides a top-quality tailor-made service for our users, combining cutting-edge techniques with expert guidance and support.

About the facility

The Zebrafish facility provides an infrastructure and individually tailored support for projects utilizing this popular model system for vertebrate development and disease.
Zebrafish embryos are transparent and develop outside the mother’s body, which greatly facilitates manipulation and imaging of biological processes. The facility allows researchers to take advantage of the unique features of the zebrafish model system, and provides initial advice on feasibility and experimental design as well as running support over the course of the project.

User experiences

“I have worked closely with the zebrafish facility in Uppsala and GEZ since 2012 and have gotten excellent support in a various projects, including the construction of novel zebrafish lines.”

- PI, University of Gothenburg, Inst. for Neuroscience and Physiology

“From my experience GEZ facility is excellent in generating new genetic models, developing their offer to the user needs and expanding their expertise to unsure the users can perform world-standard research.”

- PI, Uppsala University, IGP

“The service provided by the facility is essential to our work. The expertise the facility provides is unique in Sweden and has had a wider positive impact allowing many labs to have access to advanced techniques that no single lab can build alone”

- PI, Karolinska Institute, Department of Neuroscience