Services and Methods


The Genome Engineering Zebrafish facility offers a wide range of services:

  • CRISPR/Cas9 induced loss of function zebrafish line generation.
  • Development and analysis of CRISPR/Cas9 induced disease models.
  • Automated high through-put fluorescent imaging combined with large scale analysis of the imaging data (collaboration with BioImage Informatics)
  • Novel transgenic zebrafish lines production.
  • Mutant genotyping.
  • Cancer modeling (method development).
  • Small molecule exposure.
  • Project planning/management.
  • Seminars, workshops and education.
  • Techniques for reverse and forward genetic experiments.
  • High quality zebrafish husbandry.
  • Access to a well-equipped facility.
  • Embryo and adult fish production.

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A major goal for the GEZ facility is to offer latest technological solutions as well as already established methods adjusted to the specific needs of the academic world and biotechnology companies:

  • Gene Expression Modifications:
    • High-throughput CRISPR-Cas9 technology used to generate mutant zebrafish lines carrying site-specific gene indels, regulatory elements deletions or insertions,
    • Loss-of-function experiments including mutant analysis, morpholino injection and inhibitor treatment,
    • Generation of transgenic fish lines using Tol2/Gateway technology.
  • Imaging techniques:
    • Automated high-throughput brightfield and fluorescent microscopy of the 2-6 days post fertilization embryos using VAST BioImager (Union Biometrica) system,
    • Zebrafish LightSheet microscopy (in collaboration with the Biovis facility).
  • Chemical and drug screens.
  • Cancer cells xenografts (method in development).