Equipment at the Zebrafish facililty

  • Aquatic systems manufactured by Pentair Aquatics

  • Microinjector IM-31 (Narishige)

  • Incubator IGS60 (Fischer Scientific)
  • Incubator IMC18 (Fischer Scientific)

  • Zoom Stereomicroscope Nikon SZM1500 (Bergman Labora) equipped with P-FLA Fluorescense, filters for GFP and TxsRed as well as Digital camera Nikon Digital Sight DS-L2. Software for system management, photography and analysis is Nikon Imaging Software NIS-Elements.
  • Zoom Stereomicroskope Stemi 2000 (Zeiss)
  • Confocal microscope SP5 (Leica)
  • LightSheet Z.1. microscope (Zeiss) located at BioVis

  • In SituPro VSi (Intavis) – Robot for automatized in situ hybridization/immunohistochemistry detection